Making and Breaking Boundaries in
Work and Employment Relations

the 19th ILERA World Congress, Lund, Sweden, 21–24 June 2021


ILERA Awards

At the 19th ILERA World Congress, an ILERA Awards Ceremony was held on 23 June 2021, and three important ILERA Awards were awarded.

Mia Rönnmar, President of ILERA, was moderator at the Ceremony. Harry Katz, President-elect of ILERA presented the ILERA Academic Excellence Award, Kim Dong-One, Past-President of ILERA presented the ILERA Professional Excellence Award, and Anil Verma, Chair of the Selection Committee, University of Toronto, presented the Luis Aparicio Prize.

The ILERA Academic Excellence Award 2021 was awarded posthumously to Professor William Brown, Cambridge University.
Brian Harney, Dublin City University, said a few words in tribute of Professor William Brown.

The ILERA Professional Excellence Award 2021 was awarded to Wilma B. Liebman, President of LERA and former Chair and Member of the National Labor Relations Board, and K.H. Moon, Chairman and CEO of the New Paradigm Institute.

The Luis Aparicio Prize 2021 was awarded to Chiara Benassi, King’s College London, and Maite Tapia, Michigan State University.
Honourable mention was given to Christian Lyhne Ibsen, University of Copenhagen;  Lorenzo Frangi, University of Quebec in Montreal; Kaifeng Jiang, The Ohio State University