Making and Breaking Boundaries in
Work and Employment Relations

the 19th ILERA World Congress, Lund, Sweden, 21–24 June 2021


Academic Committee

Mia Rönnmar, Lund University, Sweden, President of ILERA, Chair
Jenny Julén Votinius, Lund University, Sweden, Vice-Chair

Lena Abrahamsson, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden (Coordinator Track 5)
Sören Kaj Andersen, FAOS, Copenhagen University, Denmark (Coordinator Track 2)
Tomas Berglund, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Coordinator Track 2)
Jon-Erik Dölvik, FAFO, Norway (Coordinator Track 5)
Per-Anders Edin, Uppsala University, Sweden (Coordinator Track 1)
Anne Grönlund, Umeå University, Sweden (Coordinator Track 3)
Petra Herzfeld Olsson, Stockholm University, Sweden (Coordinator Track 1)
Stefán Ólafsson, University of Iceland, Iceland (Coordinator Track 3)
Joakim Palme, Uppsala University, Sweden (Coordinator Track 3)
Calle Rosengren, Lund University, Sweden (Coordinator Track 5)
Markku Sippola, Helsinki University, Finland (Coordinator Track 4)
Lotta Stern, Stockholm University and Ratio, Sweden (Coordinator Track 4)

We have received the sad news that Ann Bergman, Professor at Karlstad University, and member of the Academic Committee has passed away after a short illness. She will be greatly missed by us and many friends and colleagues.