Making and Breaking Boundaries in
Work and Employment Relations

the 19th ILERA World Congress, Lund, Sweden, 21–24 June 2021



Boundaries are key to the future of work and employment relations. Increasingly, people and companies move across borders. Pandemics, like Covid-19, question this mobility and more generally, boundaries are renegotiated – between humans and machines, work and private life, and employment and other forms of work.

Furthermore, work and employment relations around the globe are being reshaped by crucial developments, such as globalization, protectionism, pandemics, climate change and greening of the economy, digitalization and automation, inequality and the struggle for decent and sustainable work, gender equality and diversity, and ageing populations and intergenerational tension.

We encourage proposals that address topical and challenging issues in work and employment relations in developing as well as developed economies. Proposals across disciplinary boundaries are welcome, as are proposals that focus or integrate gender-equality dimensions, and proposals that aim at dynamic innovation in theories, methodologies, and practices in our field.